What is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Platform?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help your business manage relationships with your customers and potential customers effectively.

Is a CRM right for my business?

If you're not using a CRM, you may notice:

  • Poor customer interactions because sales / service teams don't have an effective way to share information.
  • Business opportunities being missed because of a lack of visibility and focus on the sales pipeline.
  • Lack of follow through to nurture business relationships.
  • Business owners / Executives unable to pinpoint what's going wrong in the sales process due to lack of visibility on key sales activities.

BlueSailCRM is committed to helping your business grow by providing the tools to eliminate challenges like these.

How can a CRM help my business?

Specific capabilities of CRMs include:

Improve customer relationships through basic productivity tools
- Contact management
- Customer activity tracking
- Sales tasks and events tracking

Gain customer insights and improve profitability
- Track business opportunities
- Track leads through the sales process
- Provide sales metrics through dashboards and reports

Support customer servicing activities:
- See closed deals and upcoming potential deals
- Task tracking

CRMs are also foundational for other critical business activities such as Marketing, which is why BlueSailCRM also offers a fully integrated Marketing Automation solution.

Marketing Automation FAQs

Why use Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation, when used correctly, is an amazing tool. It allows small businesses with limited staff resources to run complex campaigns successfully and manage their time efficiently.

Marketing automation also makes it possible for larger companies to connect with each of their customers in a highly personalized way that is difficult to do manually.

What can a Marketing Automation platform do?

Marketing Automation software allows you to:

  • Reach each one of your unique customers in a personalized way
  • Save you money and get more done through efficiency.
  • Create a consistent brand presence on multiple channels, boosting your companies long-term profitability and prospects.
  • Greatly simplifies digital marketing even non-technically inclined team members.
  • Makes lead nurturing easier -- an essential part of the sales formula for success.
  • Understand your customers and there numerous interactions with your business better.


What is an API? How does it help me?

An API (Application Programming Interface) for a system is what allows other software programs to "talk" to it.

APIs allow you to get data in and out of a software platform, and utilize it's features in an automated way. E.g. instead of logging into the user-interface and importing data manually, perhaps you want your website to automatically send data to a software platform's API.

APIs are not only available for software developers to utilize directly. There are numerous 3rd party software platforms that have pre-built API integration, making it easy for non-developers as well.

What makes the BlueSail API different?

Legacy APIs are known to be inflexible, requiring laborious efforts to understand the documentation and use.

The BlueSail API, however, is built on cutting-edge open-source technology called GraphQL which was founded by Facebook.

The API provides a flexible editor that allows you to quickly explore the API with an intuitive approach that even includes intellisense autocompletion. Moreover, the API is self-documenting, so don't have to worry about outdated information.

As if being easy and intuitive wasn't enough, the GraphQL API has sample code for numerous programming languages, making it ideal no matter what technology you prefer to use in-house. To learn more about GraphQL we recommend starting here.

When should I consider customizing the BlueSailCRM API?

Though the standard API offers a full range of capabilities to manage CRM data, some customers inevitably will need "full access" to integrate with their own software in unique ways.

For example, if after importing data you need to apply some custom business logic, API customization may be ideal for your needs.

Please note: API customization requires a dedicated platform (ideal for enterprise use), and working with our professional services team for consulting services.

Hosting FAQs

What is a cloud-based solution and how does that help me?

As a cloud-based CRM platform, BlueSailCRM offers you:

  • The ability to get started with very-little upfront investment, because everything is stored in the "cloud" (i.e. our systems and technology).
  • Software that is updated automatically, with no need for your tech staff to get involved.
  • All operational aspects are handled for you -- including scaling, performance, and security.
  • Easy to use from anywhere, by anyone with just a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
When should I consider a dedicated CRM platform?

BlueSailCRM is committed to providing a full-range of capabilities to companies big and small. Our dedicated platform offers advanced capabilities, including limitless options for customization, and the ability to meet all the in-house customization requirements your business demands.

If you think you might required a dedicated platform for your business, please contact sales to start the conversation.

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