Benefits of a closed-loop platform

Unleash your data

As a closed-loop platform, BlueSail allows you to power capabilities that would otherwise be difficult it not impossible with separate CRM vs. Marketing Automation systems.Moreover, having your data in one place, "a single source of truth", your free to create more powerful and reliable business processes that rely on that data.

Align on client communications activity

A closed-loop platform allows you to see both sales and marketing customer interactions in one place.
Helps create a process to improve overall customer experience.
Avoid under or over communicating to clients by being "in the know" on all communications from both sides (sales and marketing).
Let's sales team catch and prevent marketing campaigns gone awry.
Let's sales teams directly manage customer's marketing preferences.

Unified Analytics and Reporting

A closed-loop platform allows you to see reports on sales and marketing activities in one place.
Look at the whole customer acquisition strategy.
Create and improve business processes.
Helps inform critical business decision-making.