Avoid the hidden costs of separate IT solutions
For simplicity, companies frequently start with piecemeal sales or marketing solutions, and perhaps a separate datawarehouse. Later they may try to add-on or integrate these solution, leaving them with multiple data silos.

Multiple Solutions = Multiple Data Silos

Multiple data silos eventually become a problem in and of themselves:

This architecture creates more data export / integration work.
Out-of-sync and incomplete data can be costly to manage.
Staff may be afraid to use a system that doesn’t work or fit their business needs.
Sales and Marketing tools can't "talk" to each other to power advanced interactions.
Ultimately, your business suffers if the CRM Platform is unwieldy and costly to maintain

Unified Platform
"Single Source of Truth" Datawarehouse

BlueSail Unified Platform
Helps to avoid IT integration work.
Flexible enough to support custom data and spare you from building your own datawarehouse.